Dancers from  the 'On Pointe Dance Company' rehearsed the finale of their upcoming recital on May 30. The recital will be held on Thursday, June 13.

Dancers from the On Pointe Dance studio in downtown Reedley will be hosting their second annual dance recital on Thursday, June 13. 

The theme of the recital will be "Dancing on Broadway," and will be held at the Reedley High School Performing Arts Theatre. 

It will feature almost 50 local dancers from Reedley, Squaw Valley, Parlier, and Dunlap, ranging in ages from 3-15 years old. 

The participants are dancers from 15 various experience-level classes including ballet, hip hop, creative movement, tap, and lyrical.   

The On Pointe Dance Company has had dancers nationally recognized as All-Star Dancers and invited to New York. Three dancers from the Reedley studio spent the summer of 2018 taking classes in New York at various studios and from the Rockettes. 

The recital will also feature experienced dancers as well as those who are just completing their first season of dance training.

Owner Jessica McCahill  said she is excited to see all of her dancers demonstrate their skills. “This recital is a celebration of the hard work our dancers have put in week after week,” McCahill said. “It is a cumulative event of the dance season. This will be a showcase of the new skills and increased confidence our dancers have gained this past year.”

On Pointe Dance Company is located at 1144 G St. in Reedley. For more information, call (559) 643-1382. Tickets for the event will be available at the door for $10. 

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