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From left, Nanette Hashimoto and Naomi Hashimoto posed with their certificates after participating in the virtual swim.   

The latest virtual swim competition at the Reedley Community Center's Aquatics Complex took this year's participants from Pine Flat Dam to Reedley Beach. 

Dale “Chip” Vig was the first of five to complete the 27 mile virtual swim. He was able to  finish the virtual swim, not once but twice.  

This is the latest virtual swim co-sponsored by Swim Reedley and the City of Reedley Community Services Department. Prior virtual swims have been from Long Beach to Catalina Island and swimming across Lake Tahoe. 

All of these virtual swims have taken place at the Reedley High School Aquatics Complex. 

It often requires several months for most of the participants to finish. Swimmers keep track of their progress by logging their swim distance on a posted swim log after each lap swim session.

“We were looking for a challenge that would have a more local element," said David Carter of Swim Reedley. 

"Such as swimming the distance of the blossom trail or the distance from Reedley to Fresno. Fortunately, Steve Penner suggested the Kings River from Pine Flat Dam to Reedley Beach, and we all agreed that this would be our new challenge.”

Madison Leighty, the Department's recreation coordinator, printed and then posted the swim logs at the aquatics complex.  

“We find our lap swimmers like to be challenged. They come out more often and swim longer distances when they have a goal," said Leighty. "It is exciting to see the swimmers encouraging each other as they socialize before, during and after lap swim.”

 Mother-daughter duo, Nannette and Naomi Hashimoto, are active participants of the lap swim and were excited to receive their certificate of participation for the swim challenge.

 The virtual swim challenge finishers were Dale “Chip” Vig, David Carter, Phillip Gaede, Ted Loewen, and Jeff Cartozian

Virtual swim participants were,Nanette Hashimoto, Naomi Hashimoto, Steve Hofer, Chris Thiesen, Cindy Carter, Lisa Frueh, Hayden Ankrum, Mireya Mora, Rick Dutra, and Becky Hofer.

 "All swimmers, regardless of age, are always welcome at the City of Reedley lap swim," said Leighty. "Participation in swim challenges is never a requirement of the lap swim program. These swim challenges are provided by the city of Reedley, at no additional expense, to swimmers who enjoy the friendly competition."

 For more information on a  lap swim pass at the Community Services Department, contact (559) 637-4203.

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