Maybe the third time will be a charm.

The city council meeting at the community center at 6 p.m. on July 2 will be the  third time the council has had an opportunity to make a decision on a state ordered rezoning issue.  The first two  times it gave in to pressure from angry and obviously confused residents and delayed the decision. 

Many of those who attend the July 2 meeting may be even more confused. It has become obvious that at least one person who wants a large parcel of land rezoned is making an effort to create the impression that councilmembers who refuse to consider his property for rezoning are somehow doing something shady.

You can add that to the misconception expressed at previous meetings that rapid construction of Section 8 housing will follow a decision on the state ordered rezoning of 54 acres within the city limits for affordable housing. Then toss in another often stated misconception - a favorite on social media - that the City is the entity that will do the building of the Section 8 housing. It all adds up to another meeting where city officials will say the same things they have at previous meetings and likely hear the same "Not-In-My-Back-Yard" objections. Then the council will have to decide whether it will make a final decision it can send to the state in order to comply with the state's rezoning - not building -  demand.

If you want loads of details about the background and the sites being considered go online to the city website and click on "Government." Then click on "Agendas and Minutes" and scroll down to the city council agenda for June 6, 2019. The agenda for the July 2 meeting is the same as the meeting on June 6.

You can also find the agenda in a binder in the lobby at city hall and also at the library. Contrary to the impression some are trying to create, the whole process is very transparent.

The city is just trying to do what the state told it to do or face the consequences.

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