I drive for Double Nickel Nine Motorsports out of Del Ray. 

We like to consider ourselves the most successful racing team out of Del Rey. We also like to say we are “the locally world-famous racing team from Del Rey.” None of this may be true, but we like to work on race cars, win races and just have a good time.

 Our little racing team from the Valley has won two consecutive National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Honda Challenge Western States Championships in 2016 and 2017. See, I told you we were locally world famous. 

We have had great success driving our 1993 Acura Integras and beating other Honda Challenge teams from all across the country. We have two cars on our team, one driven by myself, the No. 38 car, and the other driven by my team partner, Keith Kramer, in the No. 33 car. 

The No. 33 car has seen a lot of on track action and has a few damaged body panels to prove it. The car has earned track records and won races. But we decided the chassis needs to be updated as some of the rear welds are cracking. It’s time for that car to become a back-up car and for the team to build a fresh new car for 2018.

We have big plans for 2018. We want to defend our championship title by qualifying for the 2018 NASA National Championships to be held at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas in September. And of course, we want to win that race. 

But winning races takes an entire team, or community, in order for that to happen. That is why our team is very fortunate as we have local partners that keep our race cars out in front. Namely Olson Auto Body, Sanger Tire, J&B Farms, Economy Stock Feed, “Cadet Blues” the novel and Tactical Ops Brewing in Fresno.

Randy Olson, who owns Olson Auto Body, is a veteran race driver himself and is happy to support Team Double Nickel Nine Motorsports. 

“I know how tough it is to keep a racing team running,” Randy said. “My shop makes the cars straight and the paint nice after Keith and Rob get aggressive on the race track.” 

We are very lucky to have Randy’s support and much needed body work skills because anyone who has been on a track knows, rubbin’ is racin’ and sometimes things get bent.

We have been running 1990-93 model Acura Integras for 10 years now. Our first racing win was in a 1991 Acura Integra in an event called the 24 Hours of LeMons at Altamont Speedway in 2008. The cars could only be worth $500 and had to last an entire endurance race. 

Somehow our junker Integra held together to give us the win and a decade later we are still running this platform and learning to improve on it each year. We are taking that decade’s worth of knowledge and building what we believe will be the best Honda Challenge car in the country. 

This car will earn the right to wear the No. 33 number and be driven by Keith for the 2018 season. It will come with fresh blue and silver paint from Olson’s shop.

 Our next event was at Buttonwillow Raceway April 21. Our plan was to shake down the new No. 33 car and run the No. 38 car hard. If all goes right, we earn points for qualifying for the National Championships this fall. 

Our other plan is to hang out with friends at the track and enjoy some tasty Double Nickel Nine IPA, named after our team from Tactical Ops Brewing Co. If things go our way, we will pick up some new hardware for our trophy case in our shop in Del Rey. 

C’mon, we can’t be locally world famous if we don’t win!

Rob Krider is the author of the novel, “Cadet Blues” and can be reached through www.robkrider.com. To follow the race team go to www.team559.com or follow KriderRacing on Instagram.


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