Waytogo Melissa!

It definitely feels like summer in Sanger.

The steering wheel was so hot I pulled out my handkerchief and used it like an oven mitt the other afternoon when I left the Herald office a little early on one of our 100 plus degree days. I slowly and carefully buckled the seat belt, knowing the buckle would be almost as hot as a branding iron.

When I got home I rummaged through the garage until I found the old accordion reflector sunshade I have propped on the dashboard of my car every summer in Sanger no matter where I park, shade or sun.

By the way, summer doesn't officially begin until tomorrow morning, June 21, just before noon. 


The temperature won't be the only thing going up. Starting July 1, we will once again feel a bump at the pump when the California gas tax goes up another 5.6 cents a gallon. We keep being told the money is going to fix bridges and roadways, yet our bridges and roadways just keep getting worse.

Politicians who support the taxes - and apparently need the money for something besides road and bridge repair - say the taxes are estimated to generate $54 billion over a decade.

Meanwhile, gas experts are predicting the price of gasoline in most states with better roads and bridges than California will be dropping under $2 a gallon by the end of the year.


Sanger has a more or less balanced budget for the next fiscal year starting on July 1.

An overall budget of  $47 million with a $13.6 million general  fund was approved by the city council on June 13.

About 70 percent or $9.5 million of the general fund money will be used to pay wages, benefits, perks and stipends. Since most of that $9.5 million comes from Sanger residents in the form of taxes and fees you might be interested in what some of those wages, benefits, perks and stipends are. See the story on the front page of today's Sanger Herald.


Not long ago Sanger's own Melissa Hurtado, a recently elected state senator, was praised by Reedley city manager Nicole Zieba for leading a charge to save Reedley's armory for its hometown veterans. 

This week Melissa received high praise from the City of Sanger for being one of the key players in a successful effort to get Governor Newsom to include $15 million in his budget for Valley communities like Sanger that need help with water supply issues. 

Sanger will get $3 million to offset part of the cost of a big water storage tank we're told will solve water pressure issues in the city and another $1 million to help fix water problems in the little unincorporated area south of Sanger known as Tombstone. 


For those several who asked, yes Johnny Perez has resigned as chairperson of the Measure S oversight committee, but he is still a member of the committee and, no I haven't seen anything about the July 2 oversight meeting being cancelled. 

But there's still time.


"We have met the enemy and he is us."

    - Pogo  Possum

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