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No wonder so little gets accomplished  ...

Best wishes for a happy Father's Day this Sunday!

I've already received a couple of my Father's Day presents. Last week I got to see my beautiful and talented daughter sing and dance in the 2019 New Wrinkles production "California Dreamin'" and over the weekend I got a "Fitbit" - one of those electronic gadgets that nags you to walk more, sleep more and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

I was sure I would never reach the walking goal of 10,000 steps a day. But after drinking 8 glasses of water my trips to and from the restroom made it easy.


Hot weather is not waiting for the first day of summer this year.

A fire truck showed up at my neighbor's house at about 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, a day the temperature was predicted to reach 105 degrees. 

Somebody saw smoke rising from his backyard and called the fire department.

He was barbecuing.

He had already shifted into his "summer in the Valley mode."


Less than a week earlier, at the WAMS promotion in Tom Flores Stadium, it had been in the low 80s with  a gentle breeze cooling the more than 700 students on the floor of the stadium and the probably more than 7,000 families and friends filling the stands and the extra seating area behind the scoreboard. 

It was a lot hotter - at least  under the collar - inside the community center where only about 60 people showed up for a special city council public hearing. More  than one resident pointed out to the council that the low turnout for the public hearing was probably caused by the huge turnout for the promotion ceremony.

The council listened to comments from the few who showed up and continued the public hearing to a special July 2 meeting without making a final decision on what has become a controversial city attempt to comply with state ordered rezoning for affordable housing.


There will probably be a big crowd at a "Celebration of Life Service" for Dr. Marvin and Jean Call at 11 a.m. this Saturday, June 15, at the Sanger Community Church, 1600 Jensen Ave. Dr. Call died on April 28 and his wife Jean died less than a month later on May 13. 

Dr. Call practiced medicine in Sanger from 1963 to 1978. He was also the Apaches' team doctor for 24 years and the press box at Tom Flores Stadium is named after him.

After Sanger, Call continued to practice medicine. He worked two separate stints for the Indian Health Service as well as other jobs, traveling from Arizona, New Mexico and South Dakota. 


If they don't violate libel laws the Herald will publish letters to the editor and guest columns from readers. That doesn't mean we agree with all the letters and columns. 

I recall several letters to the editor and columns that were very critical of something I wrote in this column and more than one letter condemning me to hell. 

We believe we have an obligation to share diverse opinions about controversial local subjects in order to help readers be aware of all sides of issues. 

I mentioned that because I recently encountered someone who was upset by a recent letter to the editor and felt it should not have been published and seemed more than convinced that the Herald and I somehow endorsed its position.

Maybe a good response to a letter or column you don't like would be to submit a letter or column of your own. 


I have frequently wondered in this column about why our school district seems to keep getting better and our city does not.

I can't recall in the more than a decade I've been  at the Herald ever seeing city hall and almost everything it touches in more chaos than right now, not even during the four grand jury investigations it has endured.


While talking with someone recently who is very familiar with the school district I had a minor epiphany. We were talking  about all the changes that have been going on in the district and how there likely would be another smooth, seamless transition, when I realized I have not ever seen a smooth and seamless transition at city hall. 

The district has created a culture of success it perpetuates by promoting those who have been marinating in the culture for years and are committed to preserving it. 

Each new school district administration praises the former administration and carries its legacy forward. 

New city hall administrations, on the other hand, have a history of condemning almost everything the previous administration did and then trying to wipe out its legacy.  They start everything all over again including the tricky task of cobbling together a different  city hall culture, because the way it used to be done is no longer acceptable.

No wonder so little gets accomplished.


"We have met the enemy and he is us."

    - Pogo  Possum


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