The Granville Home of Hope fundraiser began in 2006; since then the event has helped Valley schools and charities by raising money to provide food, shelter, healthcare and education.     Granville Homes, with help from its trade partners, donates a new home each year as a raffle prize awarded in the fall. The Home of Hope event has raised more than $4 million for non-profits since it began.

The Foundation for Sanger Schools is one of the several beneficiaries of the raffle. 

The Foundation – a non-profit that supports students, teachers and families of the Sanger Unified School District – has been a participant in the fundraiser since 2006 and has received more than $200,000 from the Home of Hope program.

The money has allowed the foundation to buy meals for needy students, provide senior scholarships and award classroom grants. This year its share of the money raised by the raffle was a record  $38,512, presented by Granville representative Veronique Werz at the Tuesday school board meeting. 

"It's the largest amount we've ever received," said school board and Foundation for Sanger Schools president Pete Filippi.

For every $100 ticket bought at a Sanger school a portion has gone to the school site where the ticket was purchased. The remaining portion has gone to  the Foundation for Sanger Schools. But this year so many tickets, 25, were purchased at Lone Star Elementary School a decision was made to give the total amount, $2,500 to the school. 

A surprised Lone Star principal, Lori Welch, said her leadership team at the school will decide how to spend the money. 

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