Social media is creating a new version of the English language - SMH!

We've often written about the sorry state of the American educational experience but it has now reached the critical phase where we are about to lose the correct usage of the English language.  There can be little doubt that much of it can be attributed to uncontrolled immigration and our government mandated usage of the illegal's native language in all forms.  Teaching methods, social media and a plethora of other methods have also greatly eroded the use of proper grammar.  I see an increasing use of incorrect grammar by television personalities and celebrities that is almost painful and yet, these are the people are children admire and attempt to emulate. 

The requirements for U.S. Citizenship are quite specific in requiring applicants be able to read, write and speak basic English.  There can be little doubt that requirement is either ignored or trampled on by bureaucrats.  Sad to say, the people who suffer most economically in the competitive job market are those people with no English skills.  This is, after all an English speaking country.  It is a perfect example of how liberals, who in their avowed efforts to help people, are actually harming them!

If one will take a moment to review many of their monthly statements from utilities and others it becomes obvious, from the number of languages contained therein,  that the bureaucracy has bent over backward to eliminate the basic English requirement.  The more accommodations we make for something that is improper the more it is accepted as the norm.  Our sorry judicial system can also be considered  complicit in this ugly development.  

The government further displays how irrational it has become by displaying other languages in our voting materials.  I always thought that one must be a citizen to participate in the electoral process so by listing a secondary language our officials are either ignoring the requirements of proper voting restrictions or are actually encouraging non-citizen participation.  Politicians openly pander to these non-English speaking residents.

That only represents a small portion of our problems when it comes to learning proper usage of a language (English) that people around the world strive to learn.  For much of the balance one can blame our educational system and the subversive erosion of social media where everything is so dumbed-down that it leaves one shaking one's head at what passes for civil communication in today's America.  

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat or any of the similar modes of communication by any other inane sounding name. There's not a dime's worth of difference in any of them.  The lowest common denominator is the well established rule!  Twitter, in particular, has become a literal pile of garbage from real outliers.  Until these people are identified as publishers instead of platforms they will continue to censor information with which they agree and continue to publish stuff which leads to an ever dumber American population.  Publishers can be sued in a court of law for their malfeasance; Congress continues to allow “platforms” to do as they please with no form of repercussion.

Spelling and punctuation are no longer a requirement taught by schools as being needed for any sort of intelligent communication.  There was a time when English involved reading and understanding the great works of literature in the Western world.  Now, more and more, we find that many of the great books are no longer politically correct and instructors promote far inferior reading as a requirement for students.  We have, instead, substituted racial and cultural quotas on curriculum as guides for recommended reading. Where has simple common sense gone?

An interesting contrast to our “woke” modern day education and one from the days when students were taught writing, reading, arithmetic and history can be drawn if one takes a few moments and goes to the computer and checks on “eighth grade graduation test from 1895.”  Very few of us today could hold any hope of passing that examination.  Remember, that was for eighth graders!  Probably the most exciting discovery in that bit of historical perusing would be the fact that those listed subjects were still being taught in the classroom—even history!

If I were to offer a single piece of advice to today's student it would be as simple as learn to read well, write well and communicate well.  Communication skills can't be overemphasized in the job market or about any thing anyone does in the real world.  The garbage we are currently exposed to on a daily basis of phonetically abbreviated words, little or no punctuation and various other ills will have, I suspect, a far more grievous affect on coming generations than anyone can anticipate.  I even had a high school teacher once tell me a horror story about one of their students submitting an essay written in social media text scripting.

But, as always, that's only one man's opinion.

Postscript:  By now you've probably taken note of the fact that Colorado recently approved hallucinogenic mushrooms as being approved for use by people with “deep”depression.  Some people are already carrying a medical marijuana card and soon a medical psychedelic mushroom card will be added.  What's next  a medical cocaine card, a medical methamphetamine card or a medical heroin card?  Don't laugh because California can't be far behind.  Does anyone need more proof of a cultural decline?


In addition to the Sanger Herald, Publisher Fred Hall oversees two other Mid Valley Publishing newspapers - Reedley Exponent, and Dinuba Sentinel. He can be contacted by phone at (559) 638-2244 or by email at

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