Socialism has never worked anywhere it's been tried!

Does anyone reading this really believe that the government and its hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats really do a better job of managing anything than those in the private sector?  How can they, when government creates nothing?  When decisions are made, they do not put at risk their own money.  The funds with which they play so fast and loose have all been co-opted from hard working taxpayers.  Their primary construct is to keep the people of the country safe and they refuse to even recognize the crisis on our Southern border because of petty internal political infighting.

There was, once upon a time, a period when our military was the exception to government incompetency but it has become infected with political correctness which brings into question combat readiness.  Our military is becoming one huge social experiment which is contrary to my once being told that their job was to break things and win wars.  

Now, they're virtually required to get permission from a lawyer before they can even shoot anyone.  Heaven only knows how much we love our soldiers but their missions are often clouded by the corruption and malfeasance of their leadership.  Funds appropriated by Congress for military preparedness are instead being used to pay for transgender services for young people as a method to get the government to pay for transgender operations.

Now that we've taken a cursory look at how inefficient and wasteful our politicians are in Sacramento and Washington, perhaps we need to take a realistic look at the “bill of goods” being offered by the Socialist Democrat party when they want to put themselves in charge of everything! This new “woke” generation of Socialist Democrats wants to in charge of everything Americans are allowed to do.  Their pandering with fantastic new “entitlements” brings with it a precipitous reductions in our freedoms.

One of the best questions which we could ask of ourselves is, how did we ever get to the point in America where socialism is now increasingly seen as an acceptable alternative to capitalism?  For the most straight forward answer to that question one has only to look at the education of the last three generations of young Americans who passed through our schools and university systems.

We can begin with one undeniable premise:  SOCIALISM HAS NEVER WORKED ANYWHERE IT HAS BEEN TRIED!  Margaret Thatcher had it exactly right when she said that socialism was fine until you run out of other people's money!

Everything we hear being espoused by the Democrat party today is so counter intuitive to the American system and the American way of thinking, which made this country as great as it is, leaving one to worry.  We feel that the gravity of the situation being advanced by such misguided thinking has to be placed directly at the door of our current system of education which seems to have eschewed traditional teaching for their more “enlightened” methods.

Many of those new standards, which are espoused in the new California Healthy Youth Act now include a regimen of LGBTQ-inclusive history standards.  Beginning in 2017, California fourth graders are being taught that Sally Ride was the first female lesbian astronaut, Charley Parkhurst was a transgender stagecoach driver in the 1880's and George Takei is a famous gay activist fighting for marriage equality.  There appears to be no time to teach real history.  The legacies involved in building this great country are not being passed down to new generations.

As shameful as the way our schools are failing to teach history, the story of the failure with reading and math.  National Assessment of Education Progress reports that 2/3's of eighth graders were reported as ranked below proficient in both math and reading.  The numbers which we reviewed indicate it gets even worse during the high school years.  By the time they graduate only about 4 in 10 high school seniors are proficient in reading and math.  With that pitiful base limiting any possibility for success, we then send them off to college where a staff of propagandist professors snow them with a curriculum of political correctness.

Predictably, the diploma mill spits them out neither possessing the talent nor skills to really make a living at much of anything.  They have, however, been thoroughly marinated in correct political thought and are filled with misguided ideas of America, seen through academic lenses.  They are then driven to enter the world of politics and are chomping at the bit to put all those wonderful ideas their professor provided into action.  That's especially dangerous because they know nothing of history and are unable to evaluate that which they are proposing.

That seems pretty much to me how we arrived at this ugly spot in history where the future of this Democratic society hangs in the balance thanks to a wrong-headed approach by a government full of bureaucrats who wanted to be in charge of our educational system and the people our politicians put in charge of the asylum.

Yes, perhaps it seems simplistic, but we think the best way is to return control of our broken educational system to the people with most at stake—the parents who have children in those schools.  Every time government gets involved with programs like Common Core and The California Healthy Youth Act, one can bet things will go wrong.  Government is systemically incapable of running anything, much less the education of our children.

If control is not soon returned to the parents, we can expect another generation of wrong-headed politicians with unworkable schemes.

But, as always, that's only one man's opinion.

In addition to the Sanger Herald, Publisher Fred Hall oversees two other Mid Valley Publishing newspapers - Reedley Exponent, and Dinuba Sentinel. He can be contacted by phone at (559) 638-2244 or by email at

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