Some liberal politicians want opponents considered guilty until proven innocent

Show me a man (or woman) who has never made a mistake and I'll be able to show you a person who has never made a decision of any kind or tried anything new!

This should be long resolved by the time you read this piece, but I would like to make a brief comment on the recent Fresno Grizzly flap over erroneously showing a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during a Memorial Day salute at the ball park in Fresno.  Apparently the unfortunate event arose when a Grizzly employee downloaded a tribute to Ronald Reagan from the internet and, after watching a portion of the video, assumed the entire piece had no problems. That, unfortunately, was not the case.

In this current politically charged period it appears that simple human error cannot be forgotten, even after an appropriate mea culpa by team officials.  Apparently for  a couple of corporate team sponsors an apology was not enough and they immediately suspended their sponsorship.  I have to wonder aloud if they or any of their people have ever made a mistake.  Snap decisions, more often than not, tend to bite one in the backside.

They will tell you that their decision was based on the implication of racism.

We believe that it was strictly for political considerations and had nothing to do with the high dudgeon they profess at a simple mistake by a young man or woman.  Financially we are not in a position to provide financial support to this baseball team which is a treasure to this Valley, but they sure as hell have  our personal, spiritual and emotional support.  Go Grizzlies, you're bigger than petty complaints from small minded individuals!  The good news out of all of this is that the Grizzlies drew the biggest crowd of the season on Friday night.  That is a pretty good statement that the fans have spoken!

At this point, we have to make a segue from the small, basically insignificant local event to one playing out on the national stage which has far greater implications.

During recent years, we have been witnesses to an American justice system that is being stood on its head and subverted so badly by its practitioners that we find it difficult to understand the rationale.  It has essentially become corrupted by people who would use it for their own political ends.  

In Chicago one man goes to jail for filing a false police report while another—who just happens to be a connected Hollywood actor—doesn't even get a slap on the wrist.  In another case, this one in Washington with national implications, Robert Mueller stands up and says he was unable to prove the 

President innocent and Congress and the media go wild.  He must be impeached.

The very core of that statement is a direct affront to American jurisprudence.

One is assumed innocent and any form of law enforcement must, in  a court of law, prove them guilty.  We don't know where this approach came from but it has routinely been used recently.  Initially it was established by Democrats in Congress when Judge Cavanaugh was asked to prove himself innocent of spurious claims.  They were joined by a couple of Republicans. 

One of those specious claims which Democrats accepted so unquestioningly was made by an attorney now facing over 400 years in prison for other false allegations as well as theft and extortion.  How's that for a reliable source?  That just happens to be the same guy whom CNN thought would be a great candidate for President on the Democrat ticket!

How really difficult is it for even the dumbest among us to realize, that it appears to be there are only about 50 Democrats in The House of Representatives plus at least one Republican (Justin Amash) from Michigan who are bell-bent on impeachment?  How hard is it to understand that one is 

innocent until proven guilty?  Having to prove one's innocence is akin to being forced to prove a negative which is virtually impossible.  Lies, innuendo and hearsay make a formidable case against anything even remotely approaching reality.  Sad to say, those lies and innuendos are coming from professionals in the media and the body politic who once were held in high esteem.  Not so much today!

The so-called deep state obviously does exist and continues to look upon the people of this great country as the “smelly Walmart crowd” and the great unwashed.  It's my firm belief that the current Justice department, led by Bill Barr, is on the verge of making the political elite in this country realize that they have underestimated the voters.  That silent majority rose up in 2016 and sent a strong message to those reprobates. We believe they will continue the purge in 2020!

But, as always, that's only one man's opinion.   

In addition to the Sanger Herald, Publisher Fred Hall oversees two other Mid Valley Publishing newspapers - Reedley Exponent, and Dinuba Sentinel. He can be contacted by phone at (559) 638-2244 or by email at

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