A candidate these days is packaged and marketed much like a commodity

Thanks to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors signing on to The Voters Choice Act, elections in Fresno County will taking on an entirely new look and we're being told it makes it easier for people to vote.  

How difficult is to vote now?  

Personally, I never saw it as some kind of ordeal to go down to the local polling place and cast my ballot.  This entire mess is a political solution to a problem which does not exist.  Why is it that every time they change the rules it seems to facilitate cheating?

The title The Voters Choice Act sounds innocuous enough and has become something of a standard used by our political class for packaging all these inane political adventures from Sacramento which are shoved down our throats after being “sugar coated” to cover their true intentions.  “Now you see me, now you don't!”  If you doubt that assertion check the titles of Propositions 47 and 57 as well as the recent attempt on the part of voters to repeal the Governor's arbitrary gas tax.  That one was so deceptively worded and titled as to result in the voting public counter intuitively voting to keep taxing themselves—and that my friend, makes no sense at all.

Ballot Harvesting, which we were told was instituted to “make it easier to vote,” is so bad that it is illegal in much of the United States.  We saw the results of ballot harvesting, in my opinion, for the first time here in the Valley following our last election.  Many races had literally been decided by a large number of votes and, yet, when the “harvested” ballots were counted many of the first results were turned on their ears.  One would not expect 75-80 percent of those votes from late-comers falling to one party!

One of the biggest problems with the afore mentioned ballot harvesting is that there is no chain of control.  Ballots should pass directly from the voter's hand to an election official.  That alone seems to make this whole process subject to legal scrutiny.

Originally, we were told that absentee ballots or “vote by mail” would “make it easier for everyone to vote” but, considering the bumbling DMV registering thousands of illegals to vote those same absentees are an open invitation to election fraud and cheating.  The simplest solution would be to return to the old system where everyone went to vote in person at their local precinct—with proper identification—unless they applied for an absentee with sufficient documentation.  However, that isn't going to happen.  We will continue to have thousands of ballots floating around to be voted by Heaven only knows who.

Everything has become so ridiculous that it is politically unacceptable to ask voters to produce identification to indicate they are who they claim to be.  Hell, we can't even ask people if they are citizens!

“Motor Voter” was a dumb idea which was designed to be administered through the Department of Motor Vehicles but it was implemented to “make it easier to vote.”  Anyone beginning to see a pattern here?  Anyone wondering why I am so cynical about seeing any intelligent changes to a corrupt system?  The DMV is incapable of handling its current assignment of tags, titles and drivers licenses.  Why on earth would any right-thinking person have decided it was a good idea to give them increased responsibilities?

Fresno County had 200 polling places.  Under the auspices of this new plan, 150 of those will be closing.  That, in and of itself, will pretty much lock the voting plan into place since there will be so few places where one can vote in person anywhere in the county.

Most right-thinking Americans see voting as a duty and responsibility on their part to elect other patriotic Americans who will represent their causes and needs in maintaining a strong free country.  That concept seems to have been hijacked by a professional political class whose main goal is the assumption of power and its maintenance.  There are times when simply living in today's modern new high-tech world isn't easy.  I don't believe that the intent of our Forefathers was to make voting an easy, simple matter.  

Truth is that time and effort must be invested in making educated choices when selecting those individuals who hold such sway over our daily lives.

It takes effort to separate truth from lies and obfuscation when analyzing records of those asking for your vote.  We've seen too many of them run as one version of who they are then when elected, change completely.  No, voting was never intended to get easier and easier!

When I look at today's political campaigns, I see the hands of Madison Avenue and Hollywood more than I see anything to do with good governance.  A candidate is much akin to a product packaged as attractively as possible and marketed as one would market a commodity.  Charisma, personality, attractiveness and acceptability to the general public are key criteria in a party selecting its candidates.  Perhaps we should have casting calls in Hollywood instead of primaries!

The last couple of weeks we've pontificated over the damage we believe the current education system is exacting on our children.  One can even extend that by looking at the recent moral crisis over the way wealthy children are preferentially being admitted to tier one colleges.  One could almost predict that someone from the Democrat party would not be far behind, calling for 16-year old children being given the right to vote.  The more diluted the standards become involving this basic right the more it expands the opportunity for enterprising politicos to cheat!

We believe our politicians are so heavily invested in this process, they will do little to clean their own house.  Please, stop “making it easier to vote!”

But, as always, that's only one man's opinion.

In addition to the Sanger Herald, Publisher Fred Hall oversees two other Mid Valley Publishing newspapers - Reedley Exponent, and Dinuba Sentinel. He can be contacted by phone at (559) 638-2244 or by email at fred@midvalleypublishing.com.

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