How does the state continue to excel in in-depth dumbness?

Try to imagine, if you will, what it would feel like to run a business where you had a virtually unlimited access to capital and restrictions and regulations had been carefully scripted so they did not apply to you.

If you were to make really egregious mistakes there would never be any fear of retribution because, effectively through the years you had carefully stacked and bribed a board of directors who were friendly to any position you chose.  Your “customers” really had no choice but you.

What we have essentially identified above  are many of the various political bureaucracies—as well as their attitudes--who seem to oversee every aspect of our daily activities throughout this country.  That bribed board to which I refer would be those voters who have been endowed—by our educational system with socialistic tendencies—and have become so enamored with the “free” stuff you provide they continue to return politicians to office.

Ballot harvesting and other forms of election scamming provide a solid basis for maintaining the “hands-out” crowd to whom the politicians provide all sorts of manna.  Ballot harvesting is problematic at its best and is banned in most states.  The chain of control for that ballot should not be allowed to pass through a third party.  

A reasonable place to start would be right here in California where the state has sued the Trump administration almost 50 times over inane issues.  The latest episode involves about $1 billion California needs to “finish” the High Speed Rail.  We were told recently that there is no way to finish that project.  Our Governor says that, when finished, the HSR will go from Merced to Bakersfield but will be a tremendous boost to the Valley's economy.  Sure!  We would suggest a feasibility study to see if that really does “pencil out.”

What we need is full and complete audit and accounting of where and exactly 

how all this taxpayer money has been spent.  Consultants, cost overruns and absolute waste would surely be identified as the same old government incompetence we've all come to expect.  What makes the Governor and his Attorney General think any investor should be expected to do?  Pour money into any project which has been so poorly run from the get-go?

At least this Trump administration is attempting to place some safeguards on 

whether our money continues to be wasted or properly overseen!  Why on earth does Gavin Newsom feel that he is divinely entitled to continue to pour money down a rathole.  This is one of the best examples of government incompetence and lack of accountability in our recollection.

When one takes into consideration the huge fraud being perpetrated on the taxpayers of California with the High Speed Rail boondoggle, understand that the Democrats in Sacramento are not through with us.  They want to provide free health care to everyone.  Illegals from anywhere in the world are welcome to treatment of your choice by the rest of us who will pay the bill.  Add to that mess the fact that there are illegals being housed in our public housing units while American citizens are on an abstract waiting list.  The state of California is currently spending roughly $26 billion annually on illegal aliens, arguably showing a preference for illegals over citizens.

Given the propensity for voter fraud throughout California perhaps we already have our answer why the scale is being tipped.

How does the state continue to excel in in-depth dumbness?  

How about the recent decision by lawmakers to begin the establishment of special banks to provide services to marijuana growers?  

Just forget that regular federally chartered banks are forbidden by the law.  California officials apparently believe they can pick and choose which laws they are willing to obey.  

Surely their current position on illegal immigration vis-a-vis Federal law indicates that such would be their preferred position.

If Sacramento's actions are, if nothing else predictable, one can expect that preference will be given for those charters for banks to previously convicted felons.  At least that was the directive in awarding licenses to operate pot shops.  I suppose those are the people most skilled at supplying our young people with a drug that leaves them in a stupor and devoid of any ambition.

That is a somewhat truncated view of how our legislators and officials operate a multi-billion dollar business without those constraints with which all the rest of us face on a daily business.  Need money?  No problem—just raise taxes on something or someone.  Restrictions and regulations?  No problem—they exempted themselves.  Doesn't make sense?  No problem—what are they going to do with when the grand idea is an abject failure.  Maybe it's the fact that being governed by this kind of stupidity that is causing taxpayers to flee the state by the tens of thousands.

My point is writing this was that government should subscribe to basic business principals.  Spend wisely and spend less.  They should spend less than they take in.  The result would be better government and a contingency fund for emergencies instead of a monstrous debt.  That board of which I spoke is us, the taxpayers, and we should demand better.    

But, as always, that's only one man's opinion.   

In addition to the Sanger Herald, Publisher Fred Hall oversees two other Mid Valley Publishing newspapers - Reedley Exponent, and Dinuba Sentinel. He can be contacted by phone at (559) 638-2244 or by email at

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