Is it too much to ask for a common sense approach to illegal immigration issues?

If you've already read the commentary piece on the front page of last week's newspaper, you already know that this weekly publication is about to get bigger and more interesting to fulfill your need for knowledge of what is happening right here in the Valley.  On July 4, Independence Day, we will be combining The Sanger Herald, The Dinuba Sentinel and The Reedley Exponent into one regional package to cover this portion of the Central Valley.  

Not only will you be kept up to date on what's happening in your hometown, but you'll be kept abreast of every event and news story involving your neighbors in nearby towns.  Over time people have become less provincial and more interested in those surrounding them.  Commute time has been so dramatically reduced that people often work or shop in one of those neighboring towns.  We believe that a single issue, covering all of those towns and cities, will bring the communities even closer.

The opinion pages with our familiar traditional columns and opinions—love them or hate them—will continue in combination.  We hope they will spur discussion and feed back.  Nothing serves small newspapers such as ours quite as well as public journalism.  Your input and letters to the editor are welcomed and encouraged.  All opinions and positions are welcomed, guided only by the standards of the libel laws.  Unlike the internet, there are still standards of decency and honesty which govern that which we are allowed to put in print.

Moving along to what is the general thrust of these missives each week, we need to return to the life altering episodes which are occurring in our national politics.  The 2020 election is still far away but is stirring up a lot of controversy with seemingly du jour topic of socialism and how the Democrat candidates and their young minions feel it would be so great for America.  

An other item for discussion is the damage being inflicted on this country on a daily basis by the Democrat party who have chosen to ignore the harm being wrought by out-of-control illegal immigration.  For some unknown reason Democrat politicians feel that the entire mess will redound to their benefit.  That simple act places political party above the general good.

Border Patrol and other immigration officials are being pulled off their positions of safeguarding the security of this country and are being literally forced to provide child care and other ancillary services because of the overwhelming crush of immigrants.  Not only are huge holes in the border left for the benefit of illegals but the drug cartels as well.

Many worry about those who are allowed to pass through who are criminals in their home country and the chaos they bring to America, but one of the biggest concerns is the sudden outbreak of exotic diseases which had become virtually non-existent here.  Routine medical care and vaccinations have eliminated diseases from which many of these migrants suffer.  Add to that there is the increased chances of the ebola virus because of reports that many of these people are not only from Mexico and Central America but from African nations as well.

I would ask the Democrats in Congress, the ever expanding cast of Democrat candidates for President in 2020 as well as California state politicians, exactly what is wrong with slowing down this mass at our border so that we might be able to do a more effective job of screening them?

An answer which is composed of common sense would be welcome.  We're not talking about a picture of children in “cages” which appeared on CNN and probably goes back to 2014 when it was originally taken.  To my best recollection, Obama was President then.  Perhaps that is the reason it was never shown during his administration.  That very sort of “fake news” is what helped get us where we are!

All any American could ask is the application of common sense immigration laws which require that people be self-responsible, learn the native language, obey all laws of this couintry and assimilate.  When we see that the state of California continues to ignore federal law and provide a lengthy list of official free handouts to those who are newly arrived, perhaps there is a perverted sense of logic after all.  Where can I sign up for free health care as well as all of the other “entitlements” and go back to speaking my native language which is Okie!  It doesn't seem too much to ask the use of common sense for our government officials.

That word entitlement always bothered me.  What the hell did these people ever do to be entitled to the fruits of the labor of hard-working taxpayers?

Seems like welfare any way you parse it.

But, as always, that's only one man's opinion.

In addition to the Sanger Herald, Publisher Fred Hall oversees two other Mid Valley Publishing newspapers - Reedley Exponent, and Dinuba Sentinel. He can be contacted by phone at (559) 638-2244 or by email at

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