L-R, city manager Tim Chapa, public works director John Mulligan, city councilmember Esmeralda Hurtado, city councilmember Daniel Martinez and mayor Frank Gonzalez break ground on June 26 at the site where a new 750,000 gallon water tank will be constructed. Mulligan called it one of the largest and most important projects he's been associated with since he's been public works director. Gonzalez thanked state senator Melissa Hurtado for her efforts to secure the state funding "that put the cherry on top and made it possible to finally get this long talked about project started." 

Sanger's water woes go back a decade, maybe further.

The groundbreaking ceremony on June 26 on the southwest corner of Church and J streets may have heralded the beginning of an end to many of those woes. 

Construction on a 750,000 gallon water tank at the groundbreaking site will begin on July 8 and will take approximately nine months to complete, said public works director John Mulligan. 

"This has been a project we have been discussing for nearly 10 years but funding was an issue. With a cash infusion of $1,237,500 from the Economic Development Administration we were able to move forward. "Unfortunately, initial bids for construction of the tank came in well above our estimate due to increased steel, electrical and labor costs. We had to put a new water well on hold and shift funds to the tank. 

"But with the recent $3 million state appropriation to Sanger, we can proceed aggressively to repair our water system for today’s use and also for the future," said Mulligan. 

The new water tank will supplement Sanger's two 100-year old tanks, allowing for increased water service throughout Sanger and reducing stress on the older tanks. 

Part of the $3 million from the state will go toward construction of the new well.

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