Hey fellow Sanger citizens, are you being heard? 

I think not!

Your city council and planning commission are trying to push a medium-density, low-income housing development plan by re-zoning areas that are going to affect you and your family. You don’t want your housing value to drop? You don’t want the extra traffic in your area? Well, too bad, says the city council.

I have been proposing my land on the corner of North and Newmark avenues to get re-zoned for that type of housing. Look at the benefits:

• It’s in the part of town that already has established home prices that this would match that kind of development.

• The area is located away from schools and other high traffic sites.

• Negates the issue of constraints seen with small lot developments.

• Close to Jefferson Elementary School

• Walking distance to: Gongs Shopping Center, Pharmacy, Adventist Health, Del Monte, Pittman Farms and Initiative Foods.

Time and time again I’ve brought up these facts to the planning commission and city council only to get shrugged off.

So, I ask myself as should you, why aren’t we being heard? 

We don’t want this type of housing development located in our neighborhoods. Why can’t it be in the area that I am proposing? 

Why is this mandate being pushed down our throats so quickly? 

Are there development deals being made we aren’t being made aware of? 

It seems to me these representatives are serving themselves instead of the citizens of Sanger. 

Write or call your city representatives and tell them about this site I’m proposing for this type of housing development. Make sure you are being heard, because your voice as a citizen of this great city matters!

Marty Sangha


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