Not my tax dollars ...

In the April 11, 2019, Sanger Herald issue, an article regarding Sen. Melissa Hurtado was published. It’s my understanding that Ms. Hurtado wants $12 million to invest in the Dolores Huerta Foundation and Martin Luther King Jr Center. 

I am adamantly opposed to have MY TAX DOLLARS being spent in this way. 

The state of California already funds programs like the ones Hurtado is seeking more money for. I would oppose $1million, let alone $12 million. 

Where does she think the money is coming from? Taxpayers would have to foot more money for the myriad programs much like the ones she is proposing.

The state already allocates funds through educational programs, city, state and special state-funded programs. 

It doesn’t make sense to be funneling so much money into these foundations that already have allocated funds. 

Who is she seeking to employ to run these programs, her family and friends? This demand has no basis. 

I am a taxpayer and I will voice my concerns, especially when there is misuse of my tax dollars. 

Ms. Hurtado has many more pressing issues that can impact the state and our community. 

Taxes are already so high that families are leaving California by the hundreds. That is a loss to our cities and schools and will impact the livelihood of the state of California.

Ralph Meza


Editor's note: It took awhile for me to decide whether to use an email I received on April 10 from Reedley city manager Nicole Zieba as a letter to the editor or to write a story about what Nicole talks about in the email. The subject of the email was "Hometown girl makes good." I liked Nicole's enthusiasm and decided that enthusiasm would come across better as a letter to the editor ... and it's a nice feel good story for Easter. 


Hometown girl makes good ... 

I thought you might be interested in hearing about what Senator Hurtado is up to for Reedley and the surrounding community.  I wanted to share with the Sanger community that I am so impressed with her grit and determination in fighting for our Valley veterans. 

The State is trying to sell off the Reedley Armory right out from under our vets who have been in that building for over a decade.  The vets use that building to raise funds for veteran services.  They have asked for NO money from the City over the years.  They take care of that State asset beautifully, and have even made some major renovations at their own expense.

Senator Hurtado is running a bill for Reedley and the Reedley Area Veterans, SB 501, that will transfer the Armory from the State to the vets.  It’s not an easy sell, as the State doesn’t want to set a precedent that other communities will then follow.  They simply don’t “give” State property away like we are asking them to do.  In fact, the National Guard and Department of General Services told us that we were asking for the impossible and that the State would never give it to us.  Senator Hurtado didn’t even blink an eye to those comments and jumped right in to help us.

Yesterday [April 9], SB 501 was heard in the Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committee.  Senator Hurtado introduced the bill and then had me and one of our Reedley Vets, Tony Jewell, testify in support of the bill.  A tense discussion ensued, but ultimately, we got a bipartisan “Yes” vote on the bill.  

It now heads to the Senate Finance Committee and from there, the governor’s desk.  

We still have hurdles to overcome, but the first big one was a resounding success for us yesterday. 

I have been Reedley’s City Manager for eight years.  This is the first time I have seen a senator fight for us.  

Just thought it was something to share that would make Sanger proud.  


Nicole Zieba

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