June 3

There were 121 calls for service and 13 traffic citations were issued. 

300 block of L – narcotics offense arrest

2500 block of 9th – mental health evaluation

1000 block of Bethel – assault on a peace officer arrest

1800 block of 3rd – domestic violence restraining order violation

1900 block of 7th – incident report

400 block of J – lost property report

2400 block of Jensen – found property report

1000 block of K – vehicle repossession

500 block of Tucker – courtesy report for Fresno P.D.

1700 7th St. – lost property report

800 block of J - brandishing, battery report

1300 block of Church - possession of meth, warrant arrest

12th/Academy - field interview

Jensen/Academy - felony warrants/resist delay officer arrests  

00 block of West - non injury collision


June 4

There were 100 calls for service and six traffic citations wee issued. 

1300 block of Olive – stolen vehicle report

1700 block of Bennett Way – domestic violence arrest

1900 block of 3rd – child abuse investigation

1700 7th St. – lost property report

400 block of Academy – narcotic offense arrest

Faller/8th – vandalism report

700 block of 11th – vehicle repossession

500 block of 5th – vehicle repossession

200 block of Academy – petty theft report

2500 block 9th – mental health evaluation

1000 block of Bethel – incident report

11th/O – D.U.I. traffic collision

800 block of Annadale - parole violation arrest

Jensen/Academy - drug paraphernalia arrest

Hawley/Lyon - field interviews

7th/Rawson - meth possession arrest


June 5

There were 114 calls for service and 12 traffic citations were issued. 

1800 block of 3rd – domestic violence restraining order violation arrest

9800 block of E. Jensen – search warrant service

2500 block of 9th – abandoned vehicle 

1000 block Dewitt – vandalism

2500 block of 9th – mental health evaluation 

2300 block of 5th - burglary report

9th/K - DUI collision with arrest

Jensen/Bethel - field interview

800 block of Academy - petty theft, resist arrest, probation violation, battery on police officer arrest

500 block of Tait - stolen vehicle report


June 6

There were 124 calls for service and 10 traffic citations were issued. 

Jensen/Cottle - traffic collision

100 block of Redwood - general incident (firearm)

1700 block of 7th - general incident

100 block of Academy - storage burglary

900 block of 2nd - parole violation arrest

1100 block of Madros - sexual assault 

Academy/9th – vehicle stop, male subject served on gang injunction

800 block of Geary – narcotics violation arrest


June 7

There were 106 calls for service and no traffic citations were issued. 

1100 block of Muscat – report of a destroyed trailer

900 block of 3rd – fraud/scam

1700 7th St. – custody order violation

600 block of Cottle – stolen license plates

2500 block of 5th – stolen vehicle

800 block of Fenmore – reported disturbance between school staff and a student

1100 block of 4th – family disturbance 

200 block of L – family disturbance / assault with a deadly weapon arrest

600 block of P – domestic disturbance arrest

200 block of O /1800 block of 3rd – assault with a deadly weapon arrests

200 block of Fairbanks – shots fired at a residence (related to above call)


June 8

There were 88 calls for service and no traffic citations were issued.

1900 block of 3rd – field interview/ unwanted subject

2600 block of Tamarack – neighbor dispute/ trespass advisement

7th/K – gang field interview

2400 block of 9th – probation violation

North /Greenwood – vehicle stop, probation violation arrest

500 block of Tucker – sexual assault arrest

Jensen/Lyon Ave – DUI non-injury traffic collision arrest


June 9

There were 56 calls for service and two traffic citations were issued. 

Academy/4th – field interview

1500 block of P – general incident/possible elder abuse

900 block of Academy – lost keys

5th/N  – warrant/drug arrest

2700 block of Casty Ct. – runaway

300 block of Oatman – petty theft from a vehicle

1300 block of Olive – stolen vehicle recovery

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