March 11

There were 76 calls for service and 14 traffic citations were issued. 

1700 block of 10th – mental health evaluation

900 block of Sterling  – petty theft report

2700 block of Jensen  – petty theft with one subject arrested

2600 block of Atchison - vehicle repossession

11th/N - field Interview

8th/Academy - field interview


March 12

There were 57 calls for service and 23 traffic citations were issued.  

900 block of J – restraining order violation with one arrest

Jensen/Greenwood – non-injury traffic collision

2700 block of Jensen  – petty theft/narcotics arrest

5th/L - probation violation/warrant arrests - meth and meth pipe 


March 13

There were 88 calls for service and four traffic citations were issued. 

2100 block of Webster  – report  of stolen vehicle

900 block of 2nd – family disturbance with citation

1700 7th St. – prior sex offence

1700 7th St. – prior hit and run collision

300 block of L – warrant arrest

300 block of Bethel – petty theft report

300 block of O – domestic disturbance

1000 block of Skylar – mental health evaluation


March 14

There were 112 calls for service and three traffic citations were issued.  

1500 block of J - petty theft report

400 block of Academy - field interview

400 block of J - mental health report

500 block of Magnolia - drug paraphernalia arrest

1400 block of 7th - general incident report of threats over social media

9th/Post - vehicle storage

North/Dewitt - felony warrant arrest

1100 block of Commerce – found property

Academy/5th – warrant and drug arrest

7th/Faller – field interview

700 block of Academy – public intoxication arrest


March 15

There were 97 calls for service and two traffic citations were issued.  

2900 block of Holt - repossession

500 block of Greenwood - repossession

Palm/Dewitt - warrant arrest

Palm/Dewitt - vehicle storage

2200 block of Webster - burglary report

900 block of O - general incident report related to child abuse

J/7th - fighting in public report

700 block of I - counter report regarding scam phone call

5th/Tait – warrant arrest

1700 block of 7th – warrant arrest

300 block of Tucker - subject arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm

Annadale/Faller – DUI arrest

300 block of L – warrant & drug possession arrest


March 16

There were 116 calls for service and 12 traffic citations were issued. 

2800 block of Walton - repossession

1100 block of Dewitt - repossession

Almond/George - non injury collision

Cherry/Hoag - assault with deadly weapon report

2700 block of Jensen - theft, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, child neglect arrest

Jensen/Oatman - gang field interview with Malos Hechos OMG member

40 block of N. Brehler – residential vandalism

400 block of Academy – public intoxication arrest

8th/Academy – DUI arrest

K/11th – DUI arrest

Harrison/5th – DUI arrest

2500 block of 5th – incident report


March 17

There were 59 calls for service and three traffic citations were issued.  

100 block of Lynn Crt. - repossession

1300 block of Church - mental health hold, drug overdose, possession of meth/drug paraphernalia report

JFK Park - lost property report

Academy/Annadale - traffic citation issued

900 block of Academy - traffic citation issued 

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