Sanger's  symbolic "S" on Campbell Mountain got a much needed coat of paint on March 16 thanks to 37 student and 19 adult volunteers, a helicopter and 123 gallons of paint. 

Sanger High School's  activities director Ronnie Scott who pulled all the parts together recounted the adventure for the  Herald.


Some of the boulders are so large they would be as tall as a single story house. 

Our guess is that the “S” is 60x150 feet. Just massive.

It couldn’t have been done without the 37 students who represented a wide variety of groups at Sanger High. 

Special thanks to those who have already contributed financially and those who are still willing to help pay for supplies. 

The students were chaperoned by Jon Tillotson, Dawn Pearson, Claire Tirapelle, Joaquin Zamora and off duty paramedics Levi Howlett and Kyle Young.  

They all climbed the mountain.  

Romeo Garza and his four employees from Ro's Precise Painting Inc. were helicoptered up the mountain by local businessman John Arabian.  

Sanger High School principal Dan Chacon and school board president Pete Filippi were then flown up to serve as spotters.  

I was then flown up holding the spray rig out the open helicopter door, resting it on the skids.  

Jim Karle, Eduardo Martinez and Ricky Rodriguez stayed at the Reedley airport to load the helicopter with the five gallon buckets, paint supplies, water and snacks.  I was at the landing zone on the mountain to receive all the items.  

It probably took 10 trips to get it all up.  

John then took Eduardo and Ricky up  to help and to spot to make sure the "S" was completely covered with paint.  

Jim drove the truck to the base of the hill. The truck would later receive all the empty paint cans, the litter we removed and other items that we had to get down the mountain. 

The students hauled everything down the mountain. John then flew down to pick up Jim. That scared away the 60 or so cows that had surrounded my truck - and licked the heck out of it.  

That morning the students had arrived in packs. They helped haul paint and supplies from the helicopter landing area uphill about 200 yards to the S.  

Graffiti got covered up with either white or earth tone paint.  None remained on or around the S when we were done.  

We also picked up all the trash that had somehow accumulated up there.  

We sent the students down while Romeo and his crew finished perfecting the S.  

We finally left the mountain about 3:30 in the afternoon, feeling really good about the way it turned out.

We used about 108 gallons of white and 15 gallons of earth tone paint. 


Student Volunteers

Alexa Ortiz, Adriana Banegas,

Javier Arevalo, Maddie Viau,

Jacob Lopez, Dylan Schmidt,

Alexis Miller, Alexa Martinez,

Jacqui Mares, Emily Henry,

Emma Pena, John Pena, Marissa Castillo, Grace Weber,

Ellie Ochs, Haley Marshall,

Rachel Pimentel, Maarten Kool, Alissa Ortega, Christian Delano, Phillipine Sakkers,

Julius Kern, Steven Gomez, Leah Tillotson, Emily Perez,

Jaden Luna, Bennett Frost,

Susanna Ellis, Gregory Gonzalez, Brent Pinney, Jakob Ontiveros, Adrian Mendoza, Zorawar Khila, Luke Hockersmith, Joey Rodriguez, Eunique Carter and Kylee Greer

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