The shelter is full. 

There is no more room.

If you've  ever considered adopting or fostering now is the time. You could save lives.

    In the photos are:

    • Polly, a 3-4 year old feisty Chihuaha; 

    • Dianna  and Groot, 1-2 year old very friendly pit bulls who were picked up together; 

    • Queenie is a beautiful 3 year old, very friendly pitbull who loves to play in the water; and, 

• Ralphie is a friendly, playful and high energy Australian Cattle Dog.

Please call volunteer coordiator Kim Reed at (559) 250-5270, animal control officer Mario Irazoqui at (559) 618-9071 or volunteer Morgan Shafer at  (206) 304-1093 or message the Sanger Animal Shelter Facebook page and leave your email address to find out about the regular adoption process or to make an appointment to meet the dogs who are ready to be your new best friend. 

Let Kim know if you're able to provide a temporary foster home for any of the shelter dogs or if you would like to be a volunteer at the shelter.  

"We need more adoptions and foster homes and we need them as soon as possible," said Kim. 

"We have new dogs coming in every week and we have to have some place to put them."

Also let Kim know if you can donate treats, bowls, collars, harnesses or leashes. "We would really like to have more 'step in' harnesses because when some of the dogs first get to the shelter they're a little skittish about having a harness put on them," said Kim. 


 The reporter can be contacted by email at or by phone at the Herald at (559) 875-2511.

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