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Two candidates for California governor passed through the Valley last Friday and stopped by the campus of Orosi High School, where a forum was held to address the pressing needs of the surrounding communities.


The Dinuba High School track and field’s streak of sending a hurdler to the state finals may be in tact after a stellar performance by senior Daniel Martinez.


Reference to a “fourth estate” has been with us since medieval times although it is often viewed as a recent phenomenon.  The original division of society was into what could be identified as estates or divisions; the clergy, nobility and commoners.  With the arrival of the printing press, p…

When my husband Gustavo and I opened a pizzeria a few years ago, it was with the luxury of being able to follow our twin passions for food and camaraderie in one place. Gustavo always had an appreciation for business, working hard to support our family. I was more of the social butterfly, ma…

Personally, I have to admit that I was somewhat taken aback by the response of a reader to my usage of the aphorism “A rising tide lifts all boats.” An aphorism is defined as a terse saying that embodies a general truth or astute observation.