Running back Ismael Perez took over a bulk of Orosi’s rushing attack as the senior posted a season-high 199 yards on 20 carries and five touchdowns  in 49-6 victory over Avenal High School Friday evening.


This week, the White House continues its furious hunt for the anonymous official who proclaimed themselves part of “The Resistance” in a New York Times op-ed. Unsurprisingly, the president is “obsessed” with it, CNN reports.

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If Donald Trump is such an abject failure as President of The United States, according to Democrats, members of he media and members of the Republican establishment,  why then is Barack Obama trying to take credit for much of what he is accomplishing?  Remember, when Obama came into office b…

Democrat politicians, including California’s very own Nancy Pelosi, and various left-wing publishers have described MS-13 as—and I paraphrase here—little children who ride their little bikes to school and hang out in the park.