Christmas is just days away, having slipped up on many of us as it always seems to do, and the New Year is right around the corner.  Perhaps this is the ideal time to wax philosophical about what it all means, especially since all of those with both political parties appear to have done everything within their power to divide our country along the lines of the party line voter constituency.

While “divide and conquer” seems to be a relatively new tactic, history tends to prove otherwise.  It has always been used, and since the people are relatively slow learners, there has always been the ancillary negative impact, making it a “win at any cost” undertaking.  We think it only appears worse because so many are more brazen in their efforts.  While It leaves the practitioner with a sense of instant gratification, it also leaves long term problems in its wake!  The real losers in this failed strategy are the people, themselves.

Time after time, during especially trying times, the American people have shown themselves to be above all the ridiculous machinations of their political class.  We have absolute confidence that is exactly what will happen as a result of the infighting and silliness that is emanating from our nation’s capitol as well as all 50 state capitols.  A little bit of understanding, compassion and common sense will go a long way toward helping cure the injuries being internally inflicted on the world’s greatest country.

The simplest, most direct step which could be taken to ameliorate the current hatred and outrage would be to simply accept the results of the 2016 election. The people have indeed voted and they elected Donald Trump over the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.  The continued tantrums on one side of the political spectrum only results in dividing the American people and nothing else.  Hillary did not win and there is nothing they can do about that except to begin to make preparations for 2020.  The greater good of this great country is more important than the pique of a few.

If we, as a country, are so awful and racist as claimed, then when the wall is built, we should have people going over the wall headed south I seriously doubt that such an event will occur.

Aside from a couple of Republican Governors, a simple review will quickly demonstrate that the State of California has essentially been under Democrat control since about 1960.  The Golden State. As it was once known, enjoyed such an abundance of natural resources and a climate that was a magnet for young talented entrepreneurs it essentially fell into the category of “too big to fail.”

Times change and the proliferation of left-leaning policies with high taxes and a constant intrusion by bureaucracy in the form of regulations and implementation of out-of-control welfare programs began to take a take a toll on this economic giant.  Ignoring Einstein’s assertion that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result, we continue to return the same party to power which dug such an overwhelming hole.

We now have the highest rate of poverty in the country; major cities are awash with homeless living in the streets; the housing shortage is critical with no resolution in sight and we are building a completely illogical high-speed railroad which is devouring billions of taxpayer dollars with no realistic end in sight.

Thrown into this mix is an increasing indication of election fraud with claims of “ballot harvesting” and youngsters under the age of 18 being provided absentee ballots.  Why would anyone have any doubt when voter registration is placed in the hands of The Department of Motor Vehicles.

Anyone—that would mean almost everyone—who has been forced to deal with these people is well aware of their incompetence!  

Perhaps this Christmas we should all pray for a little more rational thinking statewide when it comes to managing the affairs for the state.  Revisit the idea of eliminating absentee ballots and the mischief that seems to surround them and think twice about opening our borders to people who become a burden to society—especially when we already have double the population our infrastructure was meant to handle.

There can be little doubt that, as we approach year’s end in 2018, the struggle for continuation of publication of newspapers is beginning, financially, to prove to be an overwhelming undertaking. That’s why we want to take a moment to personally thank each and everyone of you who are readers and advertisers with one of the Mid Valley family of publications.  

Your continued support helps assure that our communities continue to get the most current reporting on the going-ons with local government, school news, sports coverage as well as reports on local police and fire activity.  If we don’t tell you the real story, who is going to?  Think about what I’ve said, and let me know how you feel.  Merry Christmas to you and yours, may “climate change” give us plenty of water for the farmer again this year.

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.

Fred Hall is publisher of the Dinuba Sentinel.

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