Irony is the depiction of something, generally through the use of words to express something different from and often exactly opposite from their literal meaning.   Our old friend “common sense” is generally the best measure in defining anything written which is ironic in nature.

Irony is when an area newspaper runs a column penned by an extremely liberal New York City “news content” provider  in which the writer says the conservative news media is “propping up” President Donald Trump.  First of all, it’s virtually impossible to find any form of the media that could be deemed as being conservative, with the exception of Fox News and talk radio.  Their position must be an extremely lonely spot, trying to hold off everyone in the liberal media along with “never Trump” politicians and bureaucrats who are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome!

With today’s prevailing political climate, one would have to concede there is more than just a fine line between that which is ironic and that is embarrassingly stupid.  Last evening I watched a guest on one of the many liberal networks attempt to explain to the host of the show how President Trump’s Helsinki press conference was somehow worse than the attack on Pearl Harbor or Kristillnacht.

Most of you will remember the enormity of those events because, until the past decade or so, history was still taught in our schools.

Want to know something even worse?  The individual who was hosting the show never even challenged his guest over just how ignorant such a statement sounded.  Even the most rabid Trump hater must recognize that it’s a non-starter to compare a press conference to these violent events.  I’m beginning to fear that America’s “electronic generation” is becoming so dumbed-down as to not realize the negative impact on humanity imposed by both of those atrocities.

Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack on a Sunday morning planned to destroy as much of the American Navy as possible and kill large numbers of citizens and military men and women.  Kristallnacht was a free-for-all in Danzig, resulting in murder, looting and vandalism allegedly as a response to a 17-year old Jewish boy allegedly killing a Nazi. The year was 1938.

Sadly, that sorry episode is not a singular event.  On an ever rotating set of issues and false claims, this President is attacked every day and every night by politicians and the media.  Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee recently voiced support for a military overthrow of this administration.  

Common sense and empirical evidence shows, definitively, that there has been no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and yet the Mueller hearings have dragged on for a year and a half.

People, firmly entrenched with the opposition, will point out that there have been a number of indictments but none have to do with anyone colluding with anyone.  Anyway, an indictment simply means that someone has been charged which is a long, long way away from a conviction.  Some of these individuals have been dogged by the Federal government until they have spent all available resources and are facing bankruptcy.  Most of the charges which they face are simply process crimes and have nothing to do with the election.  Essentially, what we are dealing with is a Special Prosecutor in search of a crime rather than investigating a specified wrong doing which is the norm for such an empaneled group.  We are standing by and watching our government spend millions of dollars on a partisan political hunting expedition which is dividing our country deeply and possibly irreparably.

My greatest fear that much of the anti-President rhetoric is becoming so heated and irrational with claims of treason and equally ridiculous charges that I have come to worry about the ever present danger of violence.  After all, that is the greatest thing our adversaries, including Russia, could ever hope for.  Their claim, forever, has always been that they will defeat us without firing a shot.

Ever since the 1960’s and 1970’s there certainly seems to a deliberate and measured shift in that direction with American politics moving ever more leftward in government and education.  The people of The United States of American elected this man according to established rules.  He seems to have accomplished more in a really short time than anyone I can remember.  Leave him alone and let him work!

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.  

Fred Hall is publisher of the Sentinel.

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