Although last Tuesday’s “jungle” primary election did produce some surprises, it primarily, no pun intended, held up for public display just how chaotic and dysfunctional politics in California has become

which was graphically detailed by the length of the ballot.  I’m sure every candidate who ran for public office is a wonderful person but it’s difficult to vote for them when one knows little or nothing about who they really are or what they stand for!  In California it’s often difficult to figure out what the real agenda of incumbents might be because they say one thing and do another when elected.

We were told—repeatedly and often—by a local newspaper just how awful and evil Devin Nunes is and that the race between himself and Janz was a referendum on Donald Trump and had nothing, basically, to do with either of them.  Detractors loudly proclaimed it was about Trump and Nunes’ defense of our President.  To us, it appeared Nunes was only pursuing the truth and defending the rule of law.

That bit of wisdom of the election really being about Trump, mentioned above, was penned by a sportswriter with a subsequent attempt by his organization to walk it back a bit.  They appear to claim they were talking about the General election while explicitly stating otherwise in the headline for their piece.

Jim Costa, long time Democrat  and left-leaning sycophant of the party apparatchik as well as do-nothing Central Valley Congressman from the 16th Congressional District had the fight of his life against a virtual unknown in the political world, Elizabeth Heng.  When one considers the extremely thin margin separating these two candidates, one should also realize that this District leans Democrat by more than nine percentage points, making it the 125th most Democratic District in the entire nation.

Since about 1960 the voter registration in California has become so left-leaning and liberal  that it’s sometimes difficult to imagine any scenario under which Republicans might win an election.  The “blue wave” seems non-existent and hope does remain in several races.  Once one gets outside the huge metropolitan area of this state, there even seems to be a few Democrats who could be considered moderate.  Sadly, those big cities, of which I speak, tend to give us a litany of lunacy.

Considering the tremendous edge of registered Democrats over their Republican counterparts statewide, there appears to be little hope in the near future of a conservative restructuring of the political scene as is being witnessed in other states.  We do, however, take solace in the fact that there is an ever-growing number of California cities who are joining the United States government in its lawsuit to rid this state of its ridiculous notion of being a “Sanctuary State.”  How like the old west we have become when there are entire areas which are to be considered safe zones for outlaws.

What kind of message do you suppose that sends to the worst among us?

Even prior to statehood, this was an extraordinary area, beautiful, expansive, rich in minerals, pastureland and rich soil for farming.

Why should the strong people who built this great state stand by and watch as politicians destroy and denigrate everything we’ve worked for so they can build their personal coffers and bankrupt the rest of us?

We believe, while it is indeed in short supply today, that common sense is a singular guiding force for millions of Californians.  Perhaps it is time to rise up and declare, “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.  

Fred Hall is publisher of The Sentinel.

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