It seems that, perhaps right now, would be the appropriate time for a discussion about the disparity between what politicians tell us when they are running for office and how twisted that thought process can become once we have decided to elect them to represent us in Sacramento or Washington, D.C.

We can begin right here at home in California with the prevailing insanity of early release of prisoners to avoid overcrowding of jails.

Somehow the politicos feel that by emptying our prisons earlier and sending fewer criminals to jail that the state budget would be the winner—and they would be right but at what cost?  They think only of the money that is “saved” for their discretionary spending.  Little consideration is afforded for the harm and chaos criminals create for average everyday citizens.

The safety of every person would be impacted by allowing these miscreants to wander around freely on our streets and neighborhoods where they ply their trade of mayhem.  The safety and well-being of every Californian should be the primary concern of every elected official and not that of having extra money for some other insipid giveaway program aimed at supporting their re-election cause.

We're told that life-giving water will eventually be rationed to 50 gallons per day per individual per a mandate issued by our radical Governor.  How does that wash—no pun intended-- with the millions who live here illegally and receive special attention by our government.  The more people who live in California the greater the need for water.

While we're on the same subject, since we're a major supplier of food and dairy products for the world trade perhaps it would help if less of the water from wet years would be retained by new or enlarged dams and dedicated to agriculture instead of silly environmental issues like trying to restore rivers that are long gone.  It seems to completely defy common sense to allow such a spectacular amount of water to flow unrestricted and unused into the ocean which, according to environmentalists, is experiencing rising levels.

From where would the money come to build more water storage?  Perhaps, since that was the original intention, it could come from the numerous water bonds which we have passed or realizing that the High Speed Rail is becoming a “black hole” for taxpayer money and will never be finished.  Even if it were to be completed there is no empirical evidence that the economics of such an endeavor will ever pencil out. Taxpayers would have to underwrite operational costs of High Speed Rail forever!

Already experiencing the highest per capita taxes in the country, our politicians are now advocating that we provide health care for illegals and have advanced the notion of everyone's health insurance being state (taxpayer) paid.  Sacramento says that illegals will only cost another $1 billion.

With over one million California government employees, we're already overwhelmed with the status quo and told that we are essentially going to have to make up the shortfall to fund the exorbitant pensions for those overpaid state employees.  How the hell are we going to be able to do that?

Our politicians didn't miss a beat with the mindless approval of the use of recreational marijuana.  We were told that everything would now be controlled, but the pols fell in love with the idea of having one more thing to tax.  We suspect that their greed in going after a new source of revenue will only result in bolstering the black market because that product will be cheaper and Heaven knows it is certainly available on almost every street corner.  Why does it appear that politics always breeds greed?

Considering the fact that cutting the state into three separate parts will appear on the November ballot, perhaps that might not be such a bad idea.  Judging from recent events, it appears that the largest dose of common sense can be attributable to that geographic part which would be designated “Southern California.”  Much of the Central Valley falls within those confines.  Perhaps with the mindless drivel coming from our most populous ares this is an idea whose time has come.

But, as always, that's only one man's opinion.

Fred Hall is publisher of the Sentinel.

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