Democrat politicians, including California’s very own Nancy Pelosi, and various left-wing publishers have described MS-13 as—and I paraphrase here—little children who ride their little bikes to school and hang out in the park.  

Perhaps the time has come for San Francisco Nancy and her ilk to come to the realization that this is an organized group of thugs whose motto is rape, control and kill-- and their preferred method is with machetes and knives to make the process as painful as possible.  “Little kids riding bikes?”  Really?  Yes, Pelosi uttered a line similarly inane to that in response to The President referring to the gang, correctly we believe, as animals.  It seems Democrats’ real war is with Trump and not issues which directly impact the safety and security of the American people!

Little explanation of exactly who these “undocumented immigrants” are should be necessary after the recent arrest of a MS-13 gang member for the rape of an 11-year old girl in New York City or the sweep of Mendota which netted 25 arrests.  Mendota is a really small town where there was an attempt by the gang to completely over-run that tiny police force.

Fresno County has been linked to a central MS-13 location emanating from the Los Angeles area.  That’s represents a huge expansion of a cancerous group right into the very heart of rural California.  I may have missed it in the newspaper stories but I don’t recall that any of them were arrested on their little bicycles anywhere near a park, playground or as they were on their way to school.

The time has come for all of America to stop opposing everything this President says simply as resistance to the election of Donald Trump!  Granted there are many things he says and does which can be irritating to those with an opposing political philosophy and, yet, he has enjoyed a substantial record of accomplishments when one examines his campaign promises and the current position of this country economically.  People need to learn to discern the difference between the two to regain their credibility.  That includes the media as well.  

Perhaps if we reported as well on his accomplishments as we attempt to tarnish the man and his Presidency we could regain the trust of millions of Americans.  A little of that approach would go a long way toward debunking the narrative that the press is the enemy of the American people.

People of the press, you are doing everything possible to prove the President correct.

Since we’ve covered the gamut of stupid statements, from Democrat political iterations to failure of the press to present both sides, perhaps this would be a good point to pause and make mention of the recent New York Times “anonymous” op-ed piece.  The veracity of anyone who is unwilling to accept responsibility for their words must always be questioned.  If the conviction is not available on a personal basis anyone who writes or utters anything they feel of portent is to be deeply questioned—and we can’t because we don’t know who they are!  I respectfully refuse to accept this person’s opinion on any level and question whether or not it was even penned by a “high placed” aide.  The New York Times previously represented the rants of a intern similarly.

I’m frankly stunned by the changes in ethics and approaches to reporting of the news since I first entered this business way back in the early 1960’s!  There was a time when any story required two or three identified sources.  Never was “anonymous” acceptable, especially with an editorial where there could be no rebuttal or even vetting of the credentials of the writer.  The once vaunted New York Times, in my opinion, has sunk to a new low with the real loser in this race to the bottom being its readers and the American people.  Outside of the editorial page, the political leanings of any newspaper should not be identifiable.  Even on that op-ed page certain standards must apply or your entire offering isn’t worth the paper on which it is written.

We believe any news organization operating in such an agenda-driven method is doing a huge disservice to their viewers and readers.  They might be sating the appetite of a certain base constituency, but a hard wedge is being driven to divide the people of this country.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons behind the escalating failure rate with traditional media companies.

Meanwhile, social media has begun to “shoot themselves in the foot” with their censorship and overreaching in an attempt to control the narrative.

So called social media is actually anti-social when little trolls can rant and rave in complete anonymity.  Come up out of your parents basement and let us know who you are.  We’re experiencing a coarsening of what was once at least civil discourse.  It would seem that the 800 pound gorilla would be those in our newly invented world of mass communications.

We believe they—the resisters who form and control public opinion--will force governmental intervention to control their rampant biases.  These are the same people who have recently flaunted the First Amendment.  When anything gets as out of control as the nerds and politically correct executives who are the product of the last four decades of liberal education in our public institutions.

Realizing that this column has taken a long, tortuous voyage from questioning inane statements of politicians to the degradation of our society currently being perpetrated by what used to be the “main stream media” to the trolls of the internet, I stand by my position.  Washington and America, we have a problem that desperately must be fixed.

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.

Fred Hall is publisher of the Dinuba Sentinel.

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