If Donald Trump is such an abject failure as President of The United States, according to Democrats, members of he media and members of the Republican establishment,  why then is Barack Obama trying to take credit for much of what he is accomplishing?  Remember, when Obama came into office back 2009, everything wrong with the country was the fault of George W. Bush.  Sooner or later, common sense would tell us that we must take the blame for our own actions when things don’t go well.

It’s always been something of a standard for former occupants of the Oval Office to not become involved in elections, but no one should be surprised at all by ex-President Obama dipping his feet in the political waters with his ‘endorsement tour’ of California recently.  Where else would he be more at ease than a state which has become irretrievably Democrat during the last three decades? We are a state recognized for its resistance to anything and everything Trump says or does.  It’s also a state that has become a political train wreck suiting Obama’s skills superbly, with his having thoroughly divided the country politically and racially during his tenure.

During that swing through the state, Obama repeatedly attacked a current, sitting President, thereby becoming the first to do so in my recollection.  Normally the men who have occupied that office—particularly one who is so flawed —refrain from openly attacking their successors.  But then, that’s exactly what one would expect from one of the most divisive individuals who ever occupied the oval office.  Talk about being un-Presidential!

Sadly, everything has become so politicized in this country that nothing escapes the ugly reach of political posturing.  President Trump, in a recent article appearing in The Washington Post, has been identified by the writer as being “complicit” in the most recent hurricane because he withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords.  After his confirmation hearings had concluded and prior to the vote on his confirmation, Bret Kavanaugh has been accused of “something that happened back in high school” by a mysterious, anonymous source from—surprisingly--California.  It is so absent of merit that the FBI refused to even look into the allegation.  

The tactic used against Judge Kavanaugh is not completely unprecedented, having previously been employed in the confirmation hearings of Judge Clarence Thomas when Anita Hill was suddenly brought forth in attempt to sabotage that nomination.  Thankfully it failed back then and should fail now but it shows just how politicians are willing to stoop to impeach the reputation of a good man (or woman) if it fits their agenda.

We have an absolute classical example of a political agenda warping the mandate for a government entity right here in California.  The Agricultural Labor Relations Board completely politicized an exercise in democracy when workers at Gerawan Farming voted to oust a union that had been long missing in their responsibility to represent those workers.  The ALRB summarily and unilaterally ruled that election to reject as illegitimate and refused to even count the votes.  Finally they have been told they must count those votes.  After five years of obstinance on the Board’s part they have been told to remedy the situation by no less than the California State Supreme Court.

“Workers have the right to choose whether they wish to be represented by a union.  Nearly five years after the Gerawan Farming workers’ votes were cast the ALRB has exhausted all of its appeal rights and must now do the right thing and have the votes counted.  However, this process has taken too long and is evidence that the State of California has deliberately acted to disenfranchise farmworkers.  The ALRB has strayed far afield from its original purpose—to guarantee justice for all agricultural workers—which requires immediate reform.”

Those are the words of Tom Nassif, President of Western Growers, reacting to the announcement of the California Supreme Court rejecting an ALRB appeal petition.  Western Growers represents local and regional family farmers who grow fresh produce in Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico.

The long-running mess created by the Agricultural Labor Relations Board generally typifies what happens when the government takes sides in an issue which they should be honestly and fairly adjudicating.  When unelected bureaucrats place their thumbs on the scales of justice to achieve a political agenda the harm they create lasts long and runs deep.  Governmentally appointed agencies and bureaus must always be honest arbiters of the law as applicable to disagreements.  It’s patently obvious that with bureaucrats, many feel they are above the law and their inane mandates, which can destroy people, are the ultimate word.  If they are unable to fairly interpret the law and enforce it bilaterally they should and must be replaced.  Now would be a good time to begin that practice.

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.

Just as an afterthought:  If it were true, as so many claim, that our strength is in our diversity why is there always a cry for unity when things get really tough?

Fred Hall is publisher of the Dinuba Sentinel.

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