By this point, it should be abundantly clear to everyone that Mother Nature does not subscribe to the manmade rules of the Governor, environmentalists or the various and omnipresent air boards operating in California.  We’re told we can’t use our fireplaces, but right now hundreds of thousands of trees are being burned and these omnipotent agencies can do nothing about the smoke and particulate that is being created.

Although California citizens are heavily taxed and regulated, purportedly to insure clean air to everyone who lives in the Valley, nature ignores the edicts from these tyrannical agencies who flit about in their environmentally friendly little state-provided cars, wreaking havoc on businesses throughout the area.  A single word or unfavorable ruling by these folks can result in the shuttering of  one’s business.  Unelected individuals, living by their own set of self-mandated rules, create difficulties based on an implied promise of clean air and clean water.  We, in business, have all paid our dues as where the hell is our clean air?

It makes the point rather obvious that there is a power operating in California that exceeds the reach of our army of bureaucrats whose job seems to be that of making us all miserable.  There is, indeed, a power at work that exceeds the reach of Jerry Brown and his Democrat minions!  However, we continue to be expected to live under a set of man-made rules that are often neither rational nor reasonable.

Where was government when the conditions which created all this dead and dying timber was being allowed to flourish, completely unmitigated?  Spraying pesticides would have controlled the insect doing all the damage and careful, thoughtful harvesting of any dead trees would have removed the abundance of fuel that exists in our forests because of the dead trees.  That’s just one more example of governmental bungling in the name of environmentalism.  Man should have been empowered to manage nature, not just stand by and sing campfire songs.  It’s our belief that we were each endowed with common sense by our creator.  Why so many, who always seem to wind up in government, have elected not to avail themselves of this God-given asset is an unknowable.  Sad thing is they always make the rules by which we have to live our lives!

Please don’t be mistaken about our attempt her to inject common sense into this argument.  There probably is a time and a place for a statewide agency of sorts which is more focused on generally trying to improve our quality of life than generating revenue to support their personnel and expensive operations.  Readily identifiable would be the 35 local air districts as well as The California Air Resources Board.  Simple math with extrapolation of salary, equipment and operational costs will give one an idea of the huge amounts of money it takes to keep such a bloated bureaucracy operating.

All of these people have been endowed with great power by their own creation with basically no oversight.  Perhaps the most appropriate analogy for air boards would be a comparison with our infamous Department of Motor Vehicles.  Talk about the inmates being in charge of the asylum, one can’t do better than these two areas.

Before one assumes that my claims might be hyperbole about the intrusion of environmentally formulated agencies, remember they have agendas that are overly drawn.  Remember these people are contributors to the reason we have overpriced gasoline that is so poorly blended as to be simply a cocktail of chemicals.  It seems to be well established by automobile experts that, in the end, California formulated fuel is a poor choice, and life-shortening one, for your second largest investment.  All energy consumed by Californians is extremely costly for the very same reason—bureaucratic oversight.  There are so many mandates that have been created by unelected bodies that it has become overly expensive and problematic.

The State is attempting to force us into the use of high-speed rail travel which may never be completed and certainly will not be employed at a high enough usage rate as to be a practical self-sustaining venture.  Electric cars are being subsidized by the government and are, as with the train, being force fed to a public which has no, or very little, interest.  People don’t want them; government subsidies will never be able to prop them up.

Fact is that government has little or no impact on climate change, global warming or any of the other invented environmental concerns.  The fortunes and tribulations of nature are far above the pay grade of mankind.  The only thing our politically appointed bureaucracies are accomplishing with their intrusion into our daily lives is to make living in California ever more difficult and expensive.  Will the last person leaving California please turn off the lights in case the government or Pacific Gas and Electric have not already done so?

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.

Fred Hall is publisher of the Sentinel.

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